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About- My Story

All of  my life I loved to draw and to be around craft materials.

My name is Or Glass and i born in Israel .

I always dreamed about becoming an artist and designer and  carried with me a sketchbook full of illustrations and notes of my passion in life.

as I got older I took the chance and decided to fulfill my dream.

Academy education:


B.Des Degree at Shenkar- Engineering .Design .Art Academy/ Textile department .


M.Des Degree at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem/ Engineering Design/About Design.


Diploma at H.I.T Academy of Design and Engieerig- Graphic Design

My influences comes from colors, the beauty of the urban streets, nature, fashion, Japanese prints, craft, art novo design and modern arts.

 I love to have opportunities as designer to work with artistic professionals, showing my design and arts at galleries and fairs and more important to combine my knowledge from art academy into my day job as a multidisciplinary designer and artist.

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