Brand Name: QWEEN
Target Audience:

Women 30-50

Our story:
QWEEN was created out of longing and bragging about the glamor world of the Renaissance era.
The search for "marble" as a leading topic led me all the way to Italy to the past and luxury castles all made of marble.
In an abandoned castle in northern Italy called the "Castello Di Samatsano" there are over 365 luxurious rooms
by number of days of the year.
Each room is decorated and decorated with colorful, sculptural and crazy marble work.

I chose to focus on the white rooms containing some brown and blue golden tints
A kind of story with lots of white details and a little colorful surprise.

Designers with correspondence and inspiration in modern design with the castle:
Ready to wear spring 2019- D&G
Ready to wear spring 2019- Victor and Rolf
The thought of a fashion collection whose shade dominates is white and slightly magical in my eyes, like a candy with a silent wrapper and the candy that is rich and colorful.

As a designer it's very easy for me to go in the noisy and colorful direction, but through looking at the white structure I get to know new wealth in a quiet world full of magic and textures.
With the help of the past and modernity, a new language was created, kicking young and different in the landscape.

A brand name came from the desire to give every woman the ability to celebrate being a queen or noble and allow herself to be wrapped in exaggerated, special and feminine attire without compromising on flattering and high quality, special materials.

Materials: chiffon, cashmere, silk, tulle fabrics, and cotton.

Colored: White, Yellow, Gray, Blue, Black
Brand Values:
Luxury, uniqueness, avant-garde, timeless.