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Femininity, Colorfulness, Handicraft, Uniqueness.

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Brand name:

Target audience:

Women ages 30-40
Our story:
The Agata brand is designed to meet women who celebrate eternal fashion and endless love for: color, patterns, traditional tribal look with bold and bold colors, loose and unlinked cuts, knitwear and natural fabrics made in traditional handicrafts.
Inspiration: forests, northern Europe and the Scandinavian region, folk legends, folklore, back to work in small workshops, primary colors + high colors.
In the studio "Agata" commissions and designs his hands women and girls dream of the world.
The clothes are made in various traditional techniques with a wink to the modern fashion world such as embroidery, weaving looms, knitting and silk printing
And therefore the quantities of production are small and change very quickly. Everything is done manually and with great respect for the raw materials
This brand believes in quality rather than quantity.
The raw materials are expensive and imported especially to Israel from Attila and Sweden in order to provide the customer with the best: Cashew wool, wooden beads, silk prints made for us from Scotland.
Everything is done so that we can give our customers the best and the best.
Because a garment is not just a cover is with a story of emotion and soul!
Brand values:
Femininity, colorfulness, handicraft, uniqueness.

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