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Custom tailored real estate app

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Research Questions


Bot-led customer
journey focusing
key issues in real
estate dilemmas
and needs


Specifically designed
filters to quickly
lock into relevant
offers and solutions


Reflecting full
properties’ profiles
in a convenient
and interactive

Competitors in the app market 

•Trulia • Zillow




25 yo,
student, married to Michal, no children small inherited capital from grandfather. Yoav is looking for an apartment in south TA for private ownership.
Yoav is in to commutative lifestyle, does Yoga, uses mass transit in his daily commute, interested in an apartment close to his family’s residence,
who live in North TA. Prefers unfurnished apartments.



35 yo,
divorced with 1 child,
looking for an apartment in Ramat Gan, prefers furnished,
would like to have a designated private parking
spot, as close as possible to her working place, prefers quiet neighbourhoods,
would like to have as many shopping centers in her immediate vicinity as well as high level educational institutes.

The App's structure

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Customer journey

Customer journey questionnaire with accompanying bot

A structured questionnaire with important topics for finding the right property for the client such as:Property for purchase or rent?

Attractions in the area Structure of the building Furnished or empty The amount of money the user has for investment Vibrant or quiet neighbourhood Geographical distance from work and relatives

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Search Page

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After answering the preliminary questionnaire, the system processes the data and gives the user the most accurate results for him.

This page lists the property catalog + additional filter options for clear filtering:  Bathrooms, Geographic Location, Size per square meter.

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Product page

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The product page contains complete information about the property:

Catalog of photos - bathroom, courtyard, balcony, living room and bedrooms

Detailed description of the apartment - geographical location of the equal areas in the vicinity

and style of the neighbourhood. Home Highlights: the qualities that the house includes within it such as: private parking, possibility to raise animals, proximity to buses, furnished house, proximity to schools.

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My favorite property catalog Use that at any opportunity can delete and add new ones in the

property search campaign. And touch the product pages you liked earlier and scroll through

them again.

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Hot alerts

The system remembers the user's previous search results and personal taste from the

questionnaire that was answered at the beginning of the customer journey and as a result will

be updated daily with a bell ringing and pop-up alerts the user with new and up-to-date

property offers.

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