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Fashion E-com app


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Research Questions


Creating inspiration boards to make the shopping experience less impulsive and more



Delivering full details of every of wanted product.


Reflecting real time delivery processes and statuses.



Easy and quick customer support.

Competitors in the app market 

• Zara • Next • Asos

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21 years old, from Kentucky, single, studies Communication.

Ashley was planning an engagement party to her best friend Juliet, and promised to help her pick the right look for the exciting event. She felt

a bit lost in all the fashion apps she used, as everything felt massy and unorganised. She was looking for a more wholesome approach to fit

the look to the event and not simply browsing for random items that might look nice at first glance, but would fail to convey the right feeling.



17 years old, from Oklahoma, single, high school student.

Amanda knows the fashion apps industry through and through and loves shopping. However, she's still unaware of her own body type and shape and more often buy into trends. She had her fair share of disappointments when she got clothes that just didn't fit or flattered her figure. The most frustrating thing for her is coping with product returns.

Customer support seldom helped her and mailing is exhausting. What she needs is a fast and on demand customer support that would fix everything in a snap and

help her out on every question she has.



38 years old, from Texas, married and mother to 1, banker. Tammy hates malls sprawls, yet loves to fit a new look to an upcoming

events she's invited to. She's more into long term and prefers quality over quantity. When she searched through several fashion for clothes,

she was struggling to find the fabrics' composition, their washing and ironing instructions, their sensitivity to cleaning materials and overall

care. What would serve her well is a thorough and detailed clothes care page for every item she buys.

The App's structure

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Home Page

The user is able to see system recommendations of various collections be

gratified and updated about sales, discounts, coupons and other sale related events.

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Category / Item page

The user is able to choose specific categories from within the

app and see relatable items (such as new arrivals, for example). After choosing an item, the user lands in a detailed item page, with different section such as laundry care, fabric composition, arrival times and return policy. There's also a like item to add the item to the user's wish list or to directly add to the cart. There are also filters for price, new and used, theme, size, colour  and free search by name.

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Stores Location

The user is able to navigate different stores and their offerings.

He's able to see whether a store is close by in case he wants to

try on the clothes. He's able to use a map or filer out by zones.

Each store has its own page with full address,

opening hours and communication info.

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Wish List

The user get to create his own theme based inspiration boards to pin down relevant items (for example, Birthday clothes, My sister's wedding, Yoga clothes, etc.) to help him focus for specific purposes.

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Shopping Cart And Clearance

The user is able to see his shopping list and add or cancel items.

In the checkout there are three different stages for shipping address input, payment method and summary for the complete deal details.

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My Orders

A real time status updates of the user's orders, with expected time line

of order placing date, order packaging date, current location and expected arrival date. Under the orders menu, a button was added to show the user's order history with full time lines, seller and item model, so he's able to make an additional order if he likes to.

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Help & Contact

A Live on demand chat that responses for every question a user may

have, with detailed info about items, sellers, clothing types,

deliveries, etc.

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